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Interior Design

About Us

SALT offers a dynamic array of services. Our team has a wide range of skills, certificates and specialties. SALT got its start offering commercial interior design and quickly expanded into project management, residential interior design, graphics, strategic planning, stakeholder engagement and facilitation. We believe in having a well oiled team ready to tackle whatever project comes our way.

As design thinkers, our processes apply to more than interior design services. Design thought can be applied to systems, procedures, protocols, and other customer/client experiences. We are skilled in facilitation, business / organizational planning, stakeholder engagement, project leadership and implementation. We have worked with clients all over Alaska to develop strategic roadmaps in dynamic and changing times.

SALT is trained in facilitation methods to lead groups using a technique of focused conversations. Facilitated focused conversations can be used to collect data and ideas, discuss tough issues, and reflect on important issues or events. The outcome of SALT’s facilitation using the focused conversation method is to: provide for meaningful dialogue, broaden a group’s perspectives, elicit clear ideas and conclusions, and
allow the entire group to participate.


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