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Drool Central A Mum & Pup Barkery

Drool Central A Mum & Pup Barkery

Pet Care and Supplies

About Us

Alaska Proud natural dog and cat treats and meals manufacturer using sustainable fishing, Alaska Grown veggies and barley w/o artificial preservatives and substitutions.


Mum & Pup
Good Paws Friend Pack- Introductory Sampler Pack
Wild Alaska Salmon Skins - Single Ingredient
Original Master Taster and Quality Control
Cat Treat
Probiotic Series with Alaska Grown Goat Kefir
Fresh-baked treats
Grainfree or Grainless Dog Treats
Wild Alaska Cod Series
Cat Treats Series
Wild Alaska Salmon Series
Pescadots - Salmon - Single Ingredient Topper
Mum & Pup 2

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