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2024 Super Sweepers Registration

Please register your school coordinator and other information to receive orange trash bags, prizes, and trash pickup for Super Sweepers on Saturday, May 4th, 2024.

Once your registration is complete, you'll be contacted by the Super Sweeper Coordinator with how you'll be receiving bags, marketing items, training, and coordinated trash pickup time two weeks before the event.
Coordinator Name
If yes, please type in the number of additional cases you would like to receive. If no, please skip or put zero.
Format: M/d/yyyy
Please note that Alaska Waste donates their time for Super Sweepers and the primary trash pickup will be done on Saturday, May 4th. If you're cleaning outside of that date please communicate with the coordinator as you may have to organize a separate pickup with a trash hauler.
Include other requests like if you want to clean up outside of the event date, if you usually receive a dumpster, or have other questions.

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