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Gold Pan Award Auction Item

Thanks to Alaska Premier Auctions and Appraisals, we'll be hosting a silent auction while you're able to pick up food through food stations and watch art exhibits before finding your seats.

We invite you to partner in this special event to honor the Anchorage business community by donating to the auction. With your donation, you will support the Anchorage Chamber's critical work of serving as an essential resource where members can gain business knowledge, insight, and strength as business professionals.

We are looking for items of approximately $100 in value for our event but can put together baskets of lesser value items if necessary. The silent auction item would need to be at the Anchorage Chamber office by Monday, October 31st, to begin the cataloging process for the event. Our team can assist with transporting the item to the office if needed. Please let me know if you have any further questions or concerns.
Contact Information
How should we contact you for item transportation and make sure you receive adequate marketing?
Would you like more information on how to purchase a table at the event? *
Item Information
Please tell us about the donated item
How should we list the item?
What is the estimated value of the donated item? While we are looking for items of $100 or more, we can take lesser value items to combine in baskets.
Uploading photos will help with the item description, but the team will take photos for cataloging once the item is delivered. Photos are not required.
Does your item have an expiration date, restrictions, etc?
Item Transport *
How would you like to get the item to the Anchorage Chamber office by Oct 31?
Format: M/d/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
Based on your previous selection, when would you like us to pick up the item?

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