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Committee Pesentation Proposal

To present to one of our committees please fill out the following proposal. All proposals must be geared at educating the Anchorage business community on relevant issues affecting the community or local industries.

Please allow up to two weeks for the notice of approval or rejection. The Anchorage Chamber reserves the right to deny any applicant's proposal and to cancel or reschedule any approved presentation with up to a two day notice. Speakers will not be paid for their presentations by the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce. Equipment can be provided at no charge.
Please separate multiple emails with a comma.
Desired committee: *
Format: M/d/yyyy hh:mm AM/PM
All committee's meeting schedules can be found at please select a time that is within that cadence. If changes are made to the meeting time you will be notified.
Are you a current Anchorage Chamber member in good standing? *
Each committee's scope of work/mission is included in the description of each committee tab at
Our Mission: The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce supports the growth and success of our members by providing high-value services and opportunities. We achieve this through advocacy, connectivity, and education.
Equipment needed:
*Please select all that are required
Have you recently made this presentation to another local organization/group?

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