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UAA Business Enterprise Institute

UAA Business Enterprise Institute

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The University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) Business Enterprise Institute (BEI) supports business and entrepreneurial capacities across Alaska by linking economic and community development programs. BEI provides a platform for high-level consultancy between industries and UAA and serves as a bridge to expertise and talents throughout UAA. BEI hosts:

- The Center for Economic Development (CED) provides guidance and technical assistance to Alaska's communities and public entities engaged in job creation and entrepreneurship.
- The Alaska Cooperative Development Center (ACDC) helps potential and existing co-ops who want to use the co-op model to meet a need in Alaska by providing technical assistance and facilitation services.
- APEX Accelerator, formerly PTAC works collaboratively to provide businesses with the tools necessary to navigate the complexities of the government marketplace
- The Technology, Research and Development Center (TREND) is a catalyst for the high-tech economy in Alaska through bridging the gaps between innovators, industry, and financiers.
- The Alaska Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides resources, advice and assistance to help small businesses grow.
- The Applied Environmental Research Center (AERC) collects, analyzes, and provides applicable data to support the optimal management of public lands for the US Army Corps of Engineers.
-The Center for Strategic Partnerships (CSPR) which allows the University of Alaska to readily engage in essential research for a variety of private organizations.


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Dr. Jeffries and Negotiations
Dr. Jeffries and Negotiations
Dr. Jeffries and Negotiations
Dr. Jeffries and Negotiations

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