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ADvisory: October 2020 featuring The Alaska Business Top 49ers

October 2020 The Top 49ers Edition

Alaska's Top Locally-Owned Businesses Ranked by Gross Revenue

Alaska Business magazine
Ad Space: 8/20/20
Artwork: 8/27/20
The October edition of Alaska Business magazine features the annual look at the Top 49ers, Alaska's top locally-owned businesses ranked by gross revenue. If you are interested in reserving ad space in this issue please contact Alaska Business magazine by August 20th.

Here is a summary of the editorial coverage that is planned for the October magazine. 


The Top 49ers: Alaska’s top locally-owned businesses ranked by gross revenue. This is our #1 featured special section annually! The 49ers are businesses that are at least 51% Alaskan-owned and based in Alaska. 

Q&A COVID-19 Impact with Top 49ers: We ask the Top 49ers about the adjustments their organizations have made in the face of COVID-19 and how it has impacted their business. Their answers give insight into the ways different organizations in Alaska have maneuvered through the pandemic in the workplace. 

Top 49ers Profiles: The Alaska Business team has selected four exemplary Top 49ers businesses that share their experiences and tips about how they rose through the ranks to become a Top 49er. What are the long-term business strategies that help keep businesses in operation for the long-haul?


“Uncle Sam and Alaska”
Alaska Native Corporations: Government Service Contracts
Contracts with the federal government can be lucrative endeavors. As a result, many Alaska Native corporations incorporate government services into their respective business models. Government clients and scope of work can vary from manufacturing projects with branches of the armed services to IT services for federal agencies. This article explores the role Alaska Native corporations play in those government agencies.

“Building it Now, Building it Right”
Construction: Time-Sensitive Construction Projects
Different factors determine the time frame in which a construction project is required to be completed. This especially rings true in Alaska, where the climate prescribes a specific window for optimal construction conditions. This article explores the types of Alaska projects that are especially time-sensitive.

“State-Sized Services”
Environmental: Regional Environmental Services
Alaska’s varied landscape, and varied industrial projects, calls for a variety of environmental services in order to keep that landscape as pristine as possible. From oil spill prevention in Prince William Sound to mining remediation services in the Interior, this article examines the diverse set of environmental services throughout the different regions of Alaska.

“Never a Dull Day”
Oil & Gas: Life on the North Slope
The North Slope is one of the most unique workplaces in the world. Its remoteness and climate mean that day-to-day life, work and otherwise, is just as unique. What exactly does everyday life for a North Slope employee look like? This article takes a look. Exploring: What does a standard work day look like for a Slope worker? What are the hours? What activities are available to keep workers engaged and able to maintain a work/life balance? And more!

“Roll Out”
Transportation: Vehicle Transport
Only a fraction of Alaska is accessible by road, and even a fraction of those roads are paved. So when a vehicle needs transporting—especially somewhere remote—the transportation process in Alaska is unique.

Tourism: Economic Benefit of Conventions
The pandemic has caused a major disruption to Alaska’s tourism industry, including conventions. Conventions in Alaska have a notable impact, bringing money into the state’s economy. This article explores the typical economic impact of conventions in Alaska, how it compares to the 2020 convention season, and how meeting planners are trying to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on the convention industry through virtual offerings. 

“Multi-Format Transport”
Transportation: Multi-modal shipping logistics
Alaska’s largest freight shipping companies leverage more than one avenue (land, sea, and air) to move goods from Point A to Point B. They may offer customers multiple shipping options, or even determine the optimal logistics themselves. The more mediums of transportation available, the more complex the shipping company’s business model becomes. This article explores the ways that larger transport companies manage the air, land, and sea elements that comprise their services.

“When to Take a Social Stance”
Professional Services: How to market your company responsibly
In today’s business environment, keeping your organization’s mission separate from developing social issues has become trickier. In many cases, staying “above political and/or social issues” actually becomes counterproductive to a business’ ability to truly relate to its target audience. According to Mike Goldman, “Vulnerability has replaced objectivity in the workplace. By opening up to your team and taking off your ‘superhero cape,’ you invite them to engage and be honest with you. Paying more attention to social issues and establishing a clear purpose is the future of leadership.” This article takes a look at how taking a stance as an organization can be crucial continued success. And how marketing and PR agencies help companies craft their message.

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