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Alaska's Hospitality Industry Needs Your Help

​Dear Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Members:
The Anchorage Chamber of Commerce is asking for your support of the hospitality industry in Anchorage. Their request is outlined in this editorial letter to Alaskans on behalf of: Brewers Guild of Alaska; Alaska Cabaret, Hotel, Restaurant, and Retailers Association; Alaska Travel Industry Association; Anchorage Downtown Partnership; and Alaska Hospitality Retailers. They are asking everyone to carefully follow health guidelines to curb the spread of COVID-19. 
These organizations represent food and beverage establishments in Alaska that have been severely affected by the pandemic. Now they need our help! Let’s do everything we can to protect businesses and jobs as best we can during these difficult times. We ask that everyone comply to restrictions intended to curb the spread of COVID-19, so these businesses can stay open and provide much-needed employment opportunities in our state and city.

Here's a checklist from the Alaska Hospitality Retailers that outlines restrictions for food and beverage establishments. Please wear a mask, maintain distance, and wash your hands regularly.  You will be doing your part to protect others, help the hospitality establishments maintain compliance, and ultimately keeping more businesses open.
Best Regards,
Bruce Bustamante, President/CEO
Joy Merriner, Chair, Board of Directors

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