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How Artists, Artisans, and Other Creatives Can Raise Their Profile and Get Discovered

The path from undiscovered creative to successful entrepreneur in your field can appear daunting. You can eventually make a living from your passion by taking positive steps to raise your profile and increase your odds of getting discovered. Try these tips from the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce to put your work before more eyeballs and launch a business.


Build Confidence

Excellence XL explains that you must believe in yourself and your aspirations to increase commitment and achieve your goals. Still, insecurity and imposter syndrome strike free-spirited designers and high-powered professionals alike. 


You are bound to receive criticism about your work and your business.  Learn to absorb the critiques and process the feedback as fodder for improvement. Recognize and dismiss naysayers who want to tear you down.


Realize that your work is not for everyone. As you create a community, you only want the people who appreciate what you offer. Gain inspiration and motivation from those supporters.


Make Your Business Official

Creating an entity for your company lays the groundwork for expansion. You can easily form an LLC to gain many advantages. For example, your management structure is flexible and requires minimal paperwork, allowing you to bring in other partners or shareholders as needed. You don't have the double taxation corporations face, and you protect your personal property from business liabilities.


States allow you to file independently, but rules vary by location. Combing through forms may not be your thing. Lawyers are well-qualified for the job but charge a premium hourly rate. Consider using a formation service, which is much less expensive. Dozens of companies offer additional benefits to the formation, so read reviews to find a reliable service with the extras you need.


Learn How to Network

Being the strong, silent type can be advantageous in cutting deals and attracting attention because people like to talk about themselves and eventually show you their hand. But you’ll likely need to learn to branch out and make valuable connections with people who can bring your visibility to the next level. If you struggle with interaction, study how to be more conversational and convincing. 


Head to business and community events (keep an eye on the Anchorage Chamber of Commerce calendar for upcoming networking opportunities) and set a goal to meet at least three new individuals. If nothing immediately comes of the interactions, count the connections as wins and stay in contact with occasional tidbits that provide value and stimulate interest. Research the types of questions that draw people out and pique their interest. 


You may build a network by temporarily working in a job that allows you to develop your skill and build a portfolio. Update your resume with your current skills, experience, and accomplishments. If your document is a PDF, use a PDF editor to make adjustments so you don't have to start from scratch. Upload the file to the online software to amend the text and download the finished result to share with prospective employers and clients; this may help make the process simple.


Become More Disciplined

The most prolific and profitable creatives have a routine that allows them to produce tons of excellent work. Everything you make is not going to be your absolute best, but your wins outweigh your losses when you're consistent. Design a creative process that allows you time for your craft and sufficient hours to grow and market your business.


Begin Building Your Business

You can make a living from your passion by gradually building a sustainable company. Form an LLC to become an official business owner, and learn to network to plant the seeds for fruitful future collaborations. These steps will help you to establish a viable company in due time.

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