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Chugach Electric Members Elect Two Directors

Bylaw amendments approved

The membership of Chugach Electric Association, Inc. elected two directors to the utility’s seven-member board of directors in the 2024 election. After four weeks of voting, election results were announced Friday night, May 17, at the electric cooperative’s annual meeting held in Anchorage at ChangePoint Alaska.

Four candidates ran for the two open seats on the Chugach Board of Directors to serve four-year terms. Members re-elected Mark Wiggin and elected Dan Rogers to the board.

A total of 12,666 Chugach members cast ballots in this year’s election, a voter turnout of 14.08%. Of the members who voted, 12,551 voted electronically or by paper ballot before the annual meeting, and 115 members cast ballots in person at the meeting. There were 314 members who registered at the meeting and an estimated 500 in attendance.

Two Bylaw amendments approved

Chugach members also approved two bylaw amendments. The board meeting compensation amendment limited the number of meetings directors may be compensated for each year. The second proposed bylaw change, called the grammar and other non-substantive edits amendment, adjusts clarity, grammar, and formatting changes in the Chugach Bylaws.

Thousands turn out for Member Appreciation Event

Prior to the annual meeting, a member appreciation event was held at ChangePoint featuring tours of Chugach’s Southcentral Power Project power plant, bucket truck rides, electric vehicle displays, energy education, and more. An estimated 1,200 people attended the event which was held from 3 to 6 pm. This is the third year in a row Chugach has held the member appreciation event and annual meeting on the same day. The pairing is a big hit with members who enjoy the chance to engage with the member-owned cooperative.


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