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Assembly Transitions Website to Serve as One-Stop Shop for all Coronavirus Relief Fund Information

Public Can Find Resources and Information on New Programs

The Anchorage Assembly recently transitioned the website dedicated to programs funded by the Coronavirus Relief Fund to a one-stop-shop, making available all plans concerning funding allocations. The website is also a place for the community to connect with resources for rental and mortgage assistance, small business and nonprofit relief, and more.

The Municipality of Anchorage received $156 million in federal funding to assist local efforts to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19 in the community. The Assembly allocated approximately $22.5 million of the funds to relief, response and support efforts in June and July, and on August 11, 2020 allocated the remaining funds. In total, the funds were distributed among the following priority areas:

Each priority area has a dedicated page on the website, where the public can find corresponding program information. Pages will be updated as new programs become available and will include links to resources, such as applications for grant assistance or job programs.

The Assembly encourages the public to provide feedback on the performance of the programs funded by the Coronavirus Relief Fund. They also want to hear about any new COVID-19 concerns the public may have and any new ideas the Assembly should consider with the nearly $15 million set aside in a Contingency Fund. This fund was created to allow the Assembly and Municipal administration to mitigate possible impacts due to COVID-19 which occur later in the year.

Written testimony is encouraged. The public can submit written comments through the Coronavirus Relief Fund website. The response will be forwarded directly to all Assembly Members.

The public may also submit comments by calling the Clerk’s Office at (907) 343-4311, where they will be directed to leave a brief message with their funding feedback. Recorded messages should be brief so they can be forwarded to all Assembly Members.

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