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Anchorage Economic Development Corp. launches initiative to attract remote workforce

As Americans across the country consider relocating to less densely populated areas due to both COVID-19 concerns and an increasingly decentralized workforce, Anchorage Economic Development Corp. (AEDC) wants to make sure Anchorage is a part of that conversation. 
From increased spending at local businesses and restaurants to bolstering the available workforce with new energy and skillsets, attracting a remote workforce to Anchorage has a direct benefit to the local economy. 
“We’re looking to attract remote workers whose lifestyles are a great fit for Anchorage – people who might have been living here all along if it wasn’t for that perfect job tying them to a different city,” said Bill Popp, president and CEO of AEDC. “We see a lot of opportunity here over the next few years and we’re starting out by targeting areas with high concentrations of remote workers, zeroing in on people with interests that complement living in Anchorage, and seeing what kind of response we get.”
AEDC’s newly created landing page for remote workers aims to highlight the perks of living in Anchorage, and provide resources for those considering relocating alongside testimonials from Anchorage residents. 
With 42% of the U.S. labor force currently working from home full time, and companies like Twitter, Slack, Nationwide Insurance, Mastercard and more announcing plans to continue the option of remote work indefinitely, this is expected to be, for some, a permanent shift in work culture extending far beyond a temporary pandemic response. 
“As economic development models diversify from targeting only site selectors and large corporations, the focus instead is on the individual making that choice about where they want to live,” said Emma Irish, director of strategic initiatives at AEDC. “The fact is, Anchorage is already set up for a remote workforce - we have professional co-working spaces, 5G mobile data, 1 GIG internet speeds, and a seemingly endless selection of coffee shops. Now we’re just opening our door and inviting this workforce in.”
AEDC’s message to members of the remote workforce? When you can work from anywhere, live in Anchorage. 
About AEDC
AEDC is a private nonprofit corporation, operating since 1987. It exists to encourage growth and diversity in the Anchorage economy, promote a favorable business climate and improve the standard of living of Anchorage residents.
Media contact: 
Katie Dougherty, AEDC, (907) 334-1205
Emily McLaughlin, Thompson & Co. PR, (907) 561-4488

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