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Warehouse Labor

Posted: 09/05/2021

TDL Staffing is hiring a reliable, hardworking Warehouse Laborer. 

Warehouse Laborer duties may include: shipping and receiving, moving large or heavy objects, operating forklifts, pulling and sorting inventory, keeping warehouse clean, and delivering products to clients.

The ideal candidate will be dependable, hard-working and have the ability to work productively with minimum supervision. This position has the ability to become long term for those who prove themselves on the job site.

One year of Warehouse labor or related experience is preferred but not required.

Pay starting at $15-$17/Hour 

Hours: Monday – Friday 8:00am - 4pm



  • Valid Driver’s License
  • Clean Driving Record
  • Background May Be Viewed
  • Drug Free work place
Applicants never pay fees when applying with or or working for TDL Staffing
Begin your application online at
Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-433-0890

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