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Posted: 01/10/2022

JOB SUMMARY:  Performs technical work in support of RurAL CAP’s rural housing program, including market studies, feasibility analysis, and research of best practices in affordable housing design, finance, and development. Conducts community outreach, identifies opportunities for RurAL CAP support, and provides capacity-building services to selected communities in addressing their housing priorities. 

  1. Manages rural housing program and related grants and projects including, but not limited to the following specific tasks:
    • Ensures that the program is administered in accordance with the approved schedule of activities and budget. Generates recommendations for program revision and improvement.  Tracks milestones and outcomes for each community served and drafts quarterly program status narratives. 
    • Develops and implements outreach strategy to recruit communities and organizations as program participants.
    • Conducts a baseline readiness assessment and monitors progress over time. Provides capacity-building services to selected communities in accordance with their desires and needs.  
    • Provides technical assistance to communities in demand analysis, feasibility assessment, and sourcing project financing
    • Evaluates program effectiveness and outcomes for program participants; makes recommendations for follow-up services and for future programming.
    • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships with outside agencies as requested; facilitates reciprocal exchange of rural housing information, models, and data;
    • Plans and delivers training workshops and conferences about rural housing topics.
  2. Conducts research and analysis of needs, including definition, collection and compilation of relevant data, indicators, and anecdotal information; writes reports, proposals, plans, and policy papers based on findings.
  3. Writes and edits proposals, training materials, presentations, and related mate
  1. Works closely with Division staff, other agency staff, national service corps members, community leaders, and funding sources to publicize and promote division activities, services, and accomplishments; facilitates development and dissemination of informational materials.
  2. Performs other duties to support the division’s programs at the request of the division director.
  1. Develops and maintains constructive and cooperative working relationships with organizations, agencies, and clients which support the goals of Planning and Construction.
  2. Instructs, coaches, mentors, or otherwise helps others to improve their knowledge or skills.
  3. Performs day-to-day administrative tasks such as maintaining files and processing information and paperwork and uses computers and computer systems effectively to enter data, create spreadsheets and to develop documents, materials and presentations.
  4. Analyzes and evaluates information to choose the best solution and solve problems; and to develop, design or create new ideas, systems, or processes.
  5. Communicates with supervisors, coworkers, site staff, and people outside the agency, representing the agency to customers, the public, government and other external sources in person, in writing, or by telephone or email.

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