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Contract Trainer

Posted: 07/05/2020

thread's Contract Trainers provide contracted professional development services on a variety of topics in early childhood.


Contract Trainers must meet the requirements to be approved by the Alaska System for Early Education Development (SEED).

To qualify as a Contract Trainer for thread requires:

  • Annual participation in the Alaska SEED Registry with trainer’s education recognized as a level 10 or higher on the Career Ladder.
  • Trainer has applied for and is recognized as an Alaska SEED approved trainer. Click here to start.

For more information about Alaska SEED, the Career Laddertrainer/training approval, or to apply, please contact 855.265.7333, or email.


The Contract Trainer application is intended for gathering basic contact information of the trainer and to share thread’s policies for contract trainers.

Upon receipt of this application, the Education and Training Director will determine eligibility through confirmation with Alaska SEED that the above listed qualifications have been met. Trainers who have met these qualifications may be contacted to engage in planning training sessions.

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