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Call Center Customer Support Specialist

Posted: 11/07/2021

In this position the Customer Support Specialist will be responsible for answering incoming calls from current customers needing assistance with billing questions/paying their bill, online account set up/issues/signing in, and also resolving any other issues/questions.  

Applicants must have customer service experience, proficiency with Micro Soft Excel and be able to communicate effectively over the phone.


This is a fulltime REMOTE position, applicants must have the ability to work from their home office in a distraction free setting during work hours.

Wages starting at $15/HR 

Monday-Friday 8am-5pm and MAY include weekends.



  • 1 year of clerical experience or 2 years in a customer service industry
  • Proficient with Microsoft Excel
  • Highschool diploma or equivalent
  • Background may be viewed
  • Drug Free Environment
Applicants never pay fees when applying with or working for TDL Staffing
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Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-433-0890

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