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Front Desk Supervisor

Front Desk Supervisor needed at an upscale hotel franchise in Anchorage.

The front desk serves as guests’ first point of contact and manages all aspects of their accommodations. And ultimately helps create a pleasant and memorable stay for guests.

Hotel Front Desk Agent responsibilities include registering guests, managing reservations and providing information about rooms, rates and amenities. In addition, the front Desk Supervisor manages room blocking, guest satisfaction and financials.

Other Responsibilities include:

  • Room blocking
  • Welcome guests upon their arrival and assign rooms
  • Perform all check in and check out tasks 
  • Manage online and phone reservations
  • Inform customers about payment methods and verify credit card data 
  • Provide information about hotel, available rooms, rates and amenities
  • Respond to clients complaints in a timely and professional manner 
  • Liaise with our housekeeping staff to ensure all rooms are clean, tidy and fully-furnished to accommodate guests’ needs
  • Upsell additional facilities and services, when appropriate
  • Maintain updated records of bookings and payments


Full time position pay starting at $18/HR depending on experience. Morning or evening shifts available. Applicants must be willing to work weekends.


Minimum Requirements:

  • Highschool diploma
  • Excellent customer service skills 
  • Work experience as a Hotel Front Desk Agent, Receptionist or similar role
  • Background will be reviewed 
  • Drug free environment


Applicants never pay fees when applying with or working for TDL Staffing
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 Call our office for further information or with questions at 907-433-0890

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