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Executive Director

Posted: 03/29/2021

The Executive Director (ED) of Anchorage School Business Partnerships (SBP) reports to the board of directors and accepts responsibility for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission, program and financial objectives.
The ED will identify, develop and maintain School Business Partnerships within the Anchorage School District and business community. 

S/he will be responsible for:

General Administration

  • Establishing day-to-day operating policies, practices, standards, and procedures      consistent with Anchorage School Business Partnerships’ mission, goals, and objectives and in conformity to policies established by Board of Directors, the Anchorage School District and applicable state and federal law
  • Participating in strategic planning efforts
  • Maintaining equipment owned by the organization
  • Administering the SBP Connect online data system
  • Reviewing minutes of all board and committee meetings
  • Maintaining official corporation records and historical archives of the organization
  • Ensuring that the by-laws and Articles of Incorporation for Anchorage School Business Partnerships are up-to-date and appropriately integrated with any changes that occur in community regulations, state laws, or federal laws
  • Advising the board and providing recommendations for professional advisors in audit and financial reporting insurance, legal counsel, public relations, and other consultants as may be required by law or to carry out the directives of the Board of Directors 
Board Relations
  • Keeping the Board of Directors (voting and honorary) and Anchorage School District administration fully informed about all Partnerships, potential new programs, community relations and their progress with monthly reports.
  • Meeting regularly with Executive Committee to discuss challenges, progress, and activities
  • Working with Executive Committee to make committee assignments for board members
  • Organizing monthly meetings and providing monthly update on ED progress
  • Seeking board approval for significant SBP initiatives and special projects
  • Recommending changes in governance and committee structure, by-laws, and all other matters affecting SBP effectiveness
  • Advising the Board on all matters that relate to interpretation of the by-laws
  • Furnishing information and advice to the Board of Directors in the development of plans to appraise the future needs of the community and to make decisions in the use of SBP resources.
  • Participating in the recruitment and selection of board members.
  • Providing orientation to new board members as needed.  
  • Conducting surveys of the of Board of Directors annually
Public Relations/External Affairs
  • Developing literature and promotional materials regarding SBP’s programs.
  • Providing or setting up presentations concerning SBP   to the business community, agencies, and organizations
  • Attending partnership events to participate, photograph and write stories for publication and/or social media updates
  • Organizing the annual Spirit of Tomorrow Awards event
  • Representing SBP at ASD events, public functions and professional meetings.
  • Nominating business partners for Anchorage Chamber of Commerce Gold Pan awards and encouraging nominations of partners by schools for other recognition.
  • Building community awareness of the goals and objectives of SBP
  • Marketing the SBP program
  • Promoting nominations for and helping write and edit the annual Best Practices publication
  • Staying abreast of current information relevant to educational issues in the ASD
  • Encouraging submittal of stories from schools and business partners for Partnership Press as well as Chamber of Commerce digital newsletter
  • Writing and editing a quarterly electronic Partnership Press newsletter
  • Overseeing the production of all printed materials to assure the quality and consistency of all SBP publications
  • Helping maintain SBP social media accounts
  • Recruiting schools, businesses and community organizations for partnerships that accurately reflect the diversity of our city
  • Helping create and report on metrics for the partnerships and activities of the partnerships
  • Assisting new and existing partnerships as needed to include attending meetings as needed with schools and business partners
  • Participating in planning meetings between the business and school/district acting as the third party to clarify issues, assist with the program design and help identify school/business resources
  • Assisting in partnership announcements and appropriate recognitions.
  • Helping capture metrics using the SBP Connect online database 
  • Providing data points for board meetings and yearly metric rollups
  • Coordinating payment of monthly invoices, credit card and any other invoices with treasurer
  • Assessing coordinator compliance with job description and annually sharing this information with ASD executive board representative
  • Providing training for new school coordinators
  • Working with ASD to fill principal positions on Board of Directors as needed
  • Working with Student Advisory Board to fill student positions on Board of Directors as needed
  • Arranging monthly meetings with Board of Directors and Executive Committee to establish work plans, set goals/objectives and to review progress
  • Arranging annual retreat for board orientation and to help establish yearly goals and strategies
  • Working with all committees to achieve their objectives
  • Monitoring SBP’s spending by working with the treasurer.
  • Creating the annual report with the assistance of the Executive Committee.
  • Maintaining a strong community representation on the Board of Directors
Training and Evaluation
  • Implementing the partnership start up program for the school year in August (welcome emails, SBP Connect, website update, and principal/school coordinator trainings)
  • Creating Training for new users of the SBP Connect database.
  • Conducting a fourth quarter evaluation meeting with SBP coordinators
  • Monitoring and evaluating the progress of the program by conducting a survey and preparing a written report once each year with all partners (business and schools)
  • Information collated and distributed to ASD Administration, Chamber of Commerce, Board of Directors and all partners
  • Presenting of annual report to Anchorage School Board in September
  • Work the inactive partnerships with the goal to help spark new interest
  • Recruiting and maintaining major donors
  • Developing partnerships with businesses
  • Pursuing grants and sponsorships
  • Creating and maintaining relationships with schools
  • Developing proposals for funding
  • Implementing all funding proposals put forth by Finance Committee
  • Other duties suggested by the Board of Directors and agreed upon by the Executive Director
Education and Experience
  • College graduate, master's level preferred
  • Prior education and/or business administrative positions at high levels of responsibility
  • Ability to work independently
  • Working knowledge of the Anchorage School District a plus
  • Community involvement and familiarity with businesses and organizations of Anchorage
  • Experience working with non-profit organizations
  • Computer skills including word and excel and use of CRM databases is preferred.
  • Public relations savvy
  • Good oral and written communications skills,
  • Must be comfortable with public presentations and media interviews as needed
  • Outstanding organizational skills


  • High-level human relationship skills including ability to get along well with diverse groups of people and displaying cultural sensitivity
  • A self-starter who can work independently and is able to assume responsibility
  • Optimistic and positive with ability to inspire others to work towards identified goals
  Anchorage School Business Partnerships is an Equal Opportunity Employer

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