Elementary Teaching Assistant

Anchorage Montessori School
Job Description

Anchorage Montessori School
employment type: full-time 
non-profit organization 

Supervisor: Teacher
Supervises: Elementary Students as directed aged 6 to 9 years old

Scheduling: A regular shift of eight hours daily Mon-Fri (Exact hours TBD) 

Job Summary: Under the supervision of the Teacher and in accordance with the American
Montessori Society's Code of Ethics and Anchorage Montessori School's policies and procedures, supervise and participate in the children's work; carry out general housekeeping, organization of school common areas; guide children to master self-help skills, and collaborate in the planning and implementation of the individual teacher's program plan with children, families, and other members of the school community.

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
1. At all times, through all nonverbal behavior and all communications, convey a positive attitude 
of initiative, satisfaction and pride in your work and in the children and school community. 
Demonstrate a disposition toward life-long learning, an appreciation of human potential, and 
respect for the world.
2. Implement the program under the supervision of the teacher to meet the needs of the individual 
child with concern for his/her individual potential, special talents, style, and pace of learning.
3. Consider the individual child in relationship to his cultural and socioeconomic background, 
insuring that each child is treated with dignity and respect.
4. Help each child become aware of his/her role as an integral member of a group.
5. Insure that Anchorage Montessori School's indoor and outdoor environment ground rules are 
followed and respected at all times.
6. Insure that all Municipal Health and Human Services Licensing Codes are followed at the 
classroom level, including but not limited to: supervision and health and safety issues.
7. Prepare children's snacks with the help from the children as appropriate following the Municipal 
food service code as necessary.

Essential Job Functions & Qualifications:
1. Experience and/or interest in Montessori Education for level teaching preferred.
2. Minimum education level of a high school diploma or GED. University level is preferred.
3. Interest or enrollment in an education course of study of preferred.
4. Demonstrated initiative, accountability, good listening skills, ability to interact with others and 
enjoyment and respect for young children and their families.
5. Desire to work with children at the lower elementary level in providing support and guidance in 
their day-to-day classroom work.
6. Good general health and physical condition, including. Be able to bend, twist and kneel with 
ease, move quickly when necessary and annual health history update thereafter.
7. Be able to lift/carry 26-50 lbs.
8. Strength and stamina for the physical demands of kneeling, crouching, bending, sitting at child's 
level, walking, standing, lifting and handling equipment, furniture and materials.
9. Current first aid and infant, child and adult CPR certificate.
10. Clear Criminal Background check, fingerprints.
11. At least 19 years of age.

If interested please contact:

Rick Toymil/Executive Director
Anchorage Montessori School
5001 Northwood Drive
Anchorage, AK 99517

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